Workers Comp Settlements and Laws
Workmans Compensation Coverage, Insurance and Disability

Workers comp settlements and laws - workmans compensation coverage, insurance and disability information for each of the U.S. States. Workers' comp is a program mandated by each U.S. State to provide compensation to employees that have been injured or become ill while on the job. Most workers are covered by this system but the laws vary in each state. Benefits also vary but generally include tax-free wage payments, medical expense payments and job training.

Employee injury and illness can become complicated. The employee usually has a doctor, and the insurance company and possibly the employer may have doctors, all providing information and advice. Additionally, attorneys may be involved for the employee and employer. A workmans comp claim can become time consuming and expensive to resolve. Consequently, it's fairly common for the employee and employer to come to a "settlement agreement". There are possibly positive results from settlements but if you are the employee there may also be some negative results that you have not considered. Make sure you do all your research and analysis and consider having the advice of an attorney before making this important decision.

Some employees are exempt from state workers compensation benefits. Federal employees are an example, although they are covered by the Federal workers comp system. Certain states exempt employees employed by businesses that employ less than a specific number of employees.

Workers Comp Settlements

Learn about the factors involved in considering workers comp settlements. What are the risks if you are the injured employee ? Will you lose your wage benefits and medical benefits ? Will you possibly have ongoing health issues that need treatment ? Sometimes it makes sense to consider a workmans compensation settlement, other times it may be in your interest to avoid settling. Read more about Workers Comp Settlements

Workers Comp Laws

Workers compensation laws vary in each U.S. State. Generally, they provide a means to compensate employees that have been injured on the job. Compensation may include benefits for lost wages and benefits for medical costs. The amount of benefits paid depends upon the seriousness and nature of the injury. Each State has different laws for 'temporary total disability' for short-term lost wages, 'permanent partial disability' for partial loss of function, or a 'permanent total disability award' for a total loss of function. Read more about Workers Comp Laws

Workers Comp Codes

NCCI, the National Council on Compensation Insurance, has a system of approximately 600 classification codes, intended to cover workplace exposures. Although most U.S. States use these codes, some such as California, New Jersey, Deleware and New York, have their own code system. This system is complex and often leads to challenges in classifying employers. Find out more about Workers Comp Codes

Workers Comp Forms

There are numerous Workers Comp Forms and they vary in each U.S. State. From First Report of Injury (FROI) forms to Claimant's Confidential Information forms to Agreement for Settlement forms, find your workmans compensation forms